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We carry the standard statutory insurance such as unemployment and Workers Compensation. In addition, we have Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per incident with $2,000,000 aggregate. We also carry a $100,000 bond.

Our carefully screened Security staff have been trained by current and former police officers in:
Customer Service and Public Relations
Operational procedures
Principals of observation
Civil Laws and Liability
Emergency Situations
Defusing Aggressive Behavior
Self Defense

Emergency Services:
Emergency response for disasters such as fire, flood and alarm failures are available, usually with a one hour response time.

As a project manager or foreman for a construction project you know that vandalism or theft costs you money and man hours, slowing your progress and causing costly insurance claims. An on site guard not only is a visible deterrent to criminal activity but can be your first line of defense against disasters like fire and flood. Don’t wait for an expensive loss to call in the Security Specialists from Tri-County.

Tri-County has provided Security for retail centers for more than a decade. Protect your merchants and provide a safe environment for your customers by utilizing an on site guard. Tri-County provides a proactive, dedicated team who will assist your merchants and customers with professionalism and will develop a working relationship with the local police departments. Your parking lots will be safer from car break-ins and your customers and tenant employees can rest assured as they go to their vehicles at night.

Residential Security for gated communities and apartment complexes provided by Tri-County can cut crime and vandalism, providing your residents with peace of mind and a sense of Security. Assistance with evictions and securing vacant units from unwanted parties is provided. Your dedicated team will know the residents, their vehicles and who doesn’t belong.

Executive Protection/Corporate Workplace Security:
Tri-County’s Executive Protection provides a highly trained escort for high-profile or celebrity clients, ensuring their safety and discreetly transporting them to and from events. Tri-County will coordinate with car services, hotel and restaurants to provide your client with minimal intrusion. Our agents have worked on security details for large events including Miss America appearances and the 2012 Presidential debates.

Corporate Workplace Protection :

is offered in your place of business when you have a disgruntled former employee or other interference causing worry or threat to you and your employees. We can provide a plainclothes Agent to afford a low-profile presence for the least amount of disruption in your business or a uniformed guard as a visible deterrent.


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