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 We pride ourselves in providing a full spectrum of investigative services from simple locates to comprehensive undercover work. We have a team of qualified and trained investigators who can fill your  TCIS specializes in customizing our services to suit your needs. We can provide numerous references that will tell you we go above and beyond to get the information that will solve your case. We  answer our phones personally 24 hours a day, every day. We carry full liability insurance and are bonded. Our agents take your case seriously. The investigation is not finished for us until you are satisfied with the results.  Our base rate is $45.00 per hour. If two investigators are used, as will happen on surveillances and undercover work, our rate for two is $75.00 per hour. Charges for databases are variable. It is our policy to keep you advised of charges before they are incurred. Video, photos and written reports are  included in our base rate. Mileage is not charged in the Metro area. Outside the radius 50 miles from Denver, the rate is $0.45 per mile.

  Investigation Services 

Insurance Fraud/workers comp
Courthouse/DMV record searches
Background investigations, Court appearance and testimony
Recorded statements and interviews with claimants and witnesses
Report writing
Video and/ or Photography
Activity checks
Routine face-to-face interviews
Medical treatment and billing verification
Clinic inspections
Locate witnesses and claimants
Criminal Record Checks (Felony and Misdemeanor)
Civil Record Checks
Prior employment
Verify standing and validity of special licenses or certifications
Marital Issues
Child Custody
Asset Searches
Mortgage Fraud
Undercover Investigations
Internal Loss Prevention
Surveillance/ Counter-Surveillance


Additional Investigative Services:

Database Investigations:
Tri County Investigations also utilizes the most comprehensive databases on the market today. The availability of this information coupled with the knowledge of our staff to properly and thoroughly utilize the correct database is crucial in locating the information you need. Our experience allows us to know the fastest, most effective, and least expensive way to obtain the data you need. The databases available vary by state, so please contact us for additional information.




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